No fear! I you get stuck with Colmena there are several ways to get support.

The project does not run!

A lot of times it can help to run npm run clean followed by npm run install to get the project in a clean state.

In case of any problems running Colmena or a command in it’s project folder this is the first thing you should try.

I have problems using Colmena

If you are stuck on how to use Colmena it’s probably best to join our slack channel and ask your question there.

I found a bug!

It’s inevitable that a project like Colmena has bugs or usability issues and we love to hear about them!

Please report an issue on GitHub with as much details as possible.

If you found a bug and also the solution, a PR is highly appreciated.

💡 If you plan on submitting a PR with a lot of changes it’s best to first discuss it. This highly increases the chance of the PR being accepted and thus not losing valuable time.

Don’t forget to read about contributing to Colmena.

I need Professional support or Training

The development of Colmena is lead and sponsored by Colmena LTD. Please reach out to Colmena LTD for support, training or custom development on this project.

I don’t like using Colmena

As with most things in life there is no such thing as ‘One size fits all’ and this is absolutely true for developer tools.

While we love to have you on board you’re of course free to go. What we would appreciate if you could let us know why Colmena does not meet your expectations as this will allow us to further improve the project.

Please use a GitHub issue or our slack to tell us what you think.