Mono Repo

The project is a mono-repo managed by lerna. This means that the complete project and all it’s related sub-projects live in 1 Git repository. There are several benefits to doing this, especially when using lerna.

Lerna manages the packages in the repository and makes them available to each other. This means you can use software from your local repository like any other Node package you’d download from NPM.

Additionally Lerna can take care of the publishing, versioning and tagging of the packages.

Directory Structure

It is structured like this:

  • apps/
    • admin The Admin interface built with Angular.
    • api The REST API built with LoopBack.
  • extensions/ Here is where YOUR magic happens.
  • modules/
    • admin/* Modules that add routes to the Admin interface.
    • api/* Modules that add endpoints to the API.
  • packages/
    • * Functionality used by the Admin, the API and their Modules.

💡 The difference between an extension and a module is that modules come with Colmena. This means extensions are nothing more than custom or third-party modules.


The structure of this project is inspired by this great example: OasisDigital/scalable-enterprise-angular.