Colmena (kolĖˆmena) means beehive in Spanish. It is named this way because:

  • it has a modular design.
  • it aims to be a project that grows by combining forces.
  • it’s founder is known as beeman.

LoopBack, Angular and the SDK Builder

The two major projects that Colmena builds on are LoopBack and Angular.

A third important component is the loopback-sdk-builder.

The SDK builder generates an TypeScript SDK for the LoopBack server that can be used to builder Angular apps.

Next to these three projects Colmena is built upon a great selection of Free and Open Source projects.

LoopBack Angular Admin

Colmena is the successor to a project called loopback-angular-admin and while it has been re-written from scratch it still shares similar ideas and the same technologies (albeit later versions).